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Android 1.2.9 clobbers changes

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I installed 1.2.67 on my Windows laptops, and it ran with my phones and NAS's still on their previous versions, no problem. So I updated my S4 and Note 2 to 1.2.9. My Note 2 is always on home LAN WiFi because it's my backup phone and alarm clock. Except for the initial WiFi sync, my S4 is always on 3G mobile data because I'm troubleshooting a battery usage issue.


Both the S4 and Note 2 initially sync fine, see the other clients and remains visible to them, etc. But they clobber any changes made on any other client. The Note 2's Auto Sleep is turned off because that phone is always plugged in, and the S4 is set to 15 minutes. A few minutes after saving a change on any other client, from any other network, history shows that the Note 2 and S4 come along to update that same file with their own old copies, and then all the other clients' histories show "Finished syncing file <filename> added by <Note2 or S4>." So the S4 and Note 2 clobber all changes--a deathly error. I've tried delinking, deleting, uninstalling, and reinstalling, but both phones still clobber. The only fix has been to revert to 1.1.48.


Any suggestions how to troubleshoot? It's particularly annoying because I don't dare test 1.2 with my real data, so I have to leave it on toy data only, and create and link to that toy data on all my other clients while my phones stay out of sync.

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