Problem with the mobile client


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In my setup I have 4 machines,


1x ARM

1x Windows

1x Linux

1x Android


All works fine except the Android client. Suppose I updated foo.txt in the Windows machine, it successfully syncs the update to ARM & Linux. But then Android client syncs its old version of foo.txt to all of the machines. I checked the time in the Android phone and it looks good so it can't be some time sync issue.


Any idea how I can debug this?


P.S: All machines using the latest 1.2.x stable build.


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There's a discrepancy with the Android App versions in the Play Store. While the changelog in Google's Play Store says "Various bug fixes" for "1.2.11", I still have "1.2.9" installed on all my Android (4.3) devices. Has 1.2.11 been uploaded already for distribution or has the changelog just been uploaded prematurely?

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