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     Is there a way to "sync" a folder only when new files are created or updated. But if a file is deleted, don't sent in to the .SyncArchive, just leave it there. 


Or can I setup  a different folder of deleted files? instead of ".SyncArchive" folder.




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I was hoping for something like this too.

Especially for phone backups.


The setting on the phone is called backup, but it's not really a backup if it gets deleted.

The receiving part should have a setting to choose to move the file or keep it, and if the file is updated, add a number behind it. example file.txt - file.1.txt and so on


Also to be able to choose a folder where all ".SyncArchive" directories can go inside.

And same for the .SyncIgnore and other files, maybe have a global file, otherwise it can just be in a settings folder in the btsync folder, and can easily be read from there while scanning/indexing

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Hi Mariano,

No, the sync intends to fully sync folders, there is no such way to prevent files from deletion.


Hi dms2013,

You can set the deletion period (sync_trash_ttl value in Advanced settings) to a really big value, like 10 years. In this case you'll always have the up-to-date version of your backup and have all the changed versions in .SyncArchive.


Hi Osiris,

The peer owning read-only key is going to delete files once the peer owning full key deletes them. If you are experiencing some issues with this mechanism - it could be a bug and I'll need more details from you to investigate it.

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You can put "0" to sync_trash_ttl  or folder_rescan_interval to disable it completely.


I understand why putting "0" in the sync_trash_ttl would disable tossing items, but based on the naming (and manual description) wouldn't putting "0" in the folder_rescan_interval stop new items from showing up?

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Sorry for ambiguity. "folder_rescan_interval" parameter has no relationship to current discussion. Just noted, that zero is a valid value both for sync_trash_ttl and folder_rescan_interval and leads to disable them completely.


For this topic only sync_trash_ttl is relevant.


[Aside the main discussion, if you put folder_rescan_interval to "0" it won't disable new items from showing up, as btsync gets a notifications from OS about changes in the folders. However, in some OSes theses notifications are not reliable enough]

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You can put "0" to sync_trash_ttl  ... to disable it completely.

Shouldn't this be a check box in folder options?


For example, I want to transfer a large collection of DVDs from my laptop (with a small SSD) to my main PC/NAS. "Moving" data is obviously not the goal of this program. But copying is half of it and Sync does it well. Ideally I want to have a "sink" folder - whatever I throw there, it is copied to my NAS and then deleted from the "sink" folder. This option at least allows me to delete this folder and then fill it up again. But it should be a "per folder" option (not "per app")

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This is a sort of "one-way sync" feature. I already saw such request in Feature Request forum. Not something supported by BTSync immediately - but nice idea.


For the checkbox - there are a plenty of advanced settings which we don't want to have immediately accessible to not to confuse users. 

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