Create a secure private backup for other user


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The object is to

- Crete a user (linux user) on my raspberry (friend1)

- create a BTSynch instance started by this user (in Ubuntu distibution we could have instance associated with a single user)

- User login in and set his new password (linux passowrd) so only him know this passowrd

- The folder in which the user is writing his data is encrypted (with encrypt fs or similar) with a password setted by the user friend1 (may be logging with ssh or similar option)

- The user login on web interface of the right instance (using right port) create a secret key , the data will be saved in the ecnrypted folder



So at this point:

- The data could be seen only from this user and not by me or other user of the system

- With whis approach data will be replicated on other users (friends) machine as soon as they will use the same approach 


Is this possible?



I would like to create a secure private  backup system with my friends :) , and we share storage and connection :)


Any idea  is welcome :)


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