Why i didn't receive BTSync's API key email?


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As I said in my original reply, there has been a high demand for API keys.


In addition, when you apply for a key, you're also asked to provide details of how you intend to use the API.


With this in mind, and given that the API is very new and still undergoing testing/development, it is highly likely that at present, the release of API keys is being somewhat controlled and that not everyone who applies will be assigned an API key during this testing/development phase.


That's not to say you'll never get an API key - if you're on the list, you're on the list, and the release of more API keys will almost certainly increase as the API develops and becomes more "solid".


The bottom line is:

  • If you've applied for an API key, you're on the list, and you'll need to be patient - it may be a while before you're assigned your own API key.
  • Signing up multiple times will likely not get you a key any quicker
  • Posting back in the forums every other day complaining you've still not got a key won't get you one any quicker!
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While I agree with you GreatMarko, it also shows a problem with the fact that currently the encouraged way by the devs if you want to provide an app that uses the API is to have your users sign up for an API key, as you cannot reliably redistribute your own key with your app. At least that's what I got out of the discussions over in the developer forum.

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hi,last night i apply the BTSync's API key ,i apply three times,but until now i didn't receive the key email,why? i use email: sunylat@163.com and sunylat@gmail.com

Not sure why you did not receive them - they are in the system. I've sent you a PM with more info. 

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