high CPU in raspberry pi


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when i install ARM version in raspberry pi,btsync is up to 30% CPU average.

It is higher when it refresh the web page by every 20 seconds.

I don't know why i refresh the web page so often(every 20seconds).

Btsync version:1.2.72

when i use  version:1.1.82,CPU is about 8%.


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i don't think you are wrong. I've found latest low CPU version is 2.0.93, which in install by using sudo apt-get install btsync command on OSMC.

its a shame because later versions of Sync have some nice fixes and features.

The problem I've noticed in later versions isn't so much the web refresh, but the constant indexing of shared folders. To establish, remove all shares and see if page refresh has effect on CPU. Also 'top' command (command line) can be informative.


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