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Will the Plus version have (free) centralized management? If not and there still won't be anything good floating around when I'll have time for it (early 2014 maybe) then I'm planning on doing that.


Until then, a couple of important feature ideas for the API, I'd really like: Option to pause sync per share like on android and as some of us said before, event listeners which could be of two types: URL callbacks and local application/script callbacks (for example for stopping sync while working on a project in an IDE).

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I work on a team management tool which supports large amounts of data. A year ago I was thinking to do it with BitTorrent but it's too complex and I don't have enough time to implement full featured torrent client with bandwidth limit, api, partial downloads, encrypted peers and all that stuff. So now BTSync seems a good fit for my idea. 


Example usage:

1. Download the TeamClient (python code + BTSync.exe subprocess bundle)

2. Run the client, create account and login

3. Create team and add a share (data folder)

4. Add member to the team

5. Create a Task for a given team member and give him a couple of files from your share (to be processed with some tool for example)

6. The person for which the task is assigned gets notified and selected files are automatically downloaded to his machine

7. Then the member completes the task and push back processed files


Also this will be browser based, so the client will be used only to run the BTSync and relay API calls trough websocket between server and BTSync API.


I'll give more info if I make it to MVP state.

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Still working on my Drupal modules, currently working on a Field module that will allow someone when creating a piece of content to attach a BTSync secret instead of Files, and as the Files are added/removed the files on the content will be reflected.


The most obvious use case for this is easy Image gallery websites where the artist/photographer/etc doesn't need to ever log into a site backend to update their galleries.


Future versions of this module will have more advanced fields that will allow for selective sync and more control over the behaviour of the sync (should an image be removed because it was removed from the sync? etc).


The module with the basic field should be finished by the end of the week, and I'm planning on releasing a video tutorial demonstrating the module.


The biggest concern I have is that only people with a BTSync API key will actually be able to use the module, which is a massive barrier to entry. I hope that's not always going to be the case.

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