No https for linux webui?

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Is there really no  way to enable/force the webui of the linux btsync to use https/ssl?  This is a gaping security hole for a software trying to take pride in security and privacy.  That might be fine for communication over a private, trusted network but it's wholly unacceptable for communication over the public internet.  I have a remote server I've been using for offsite backup and I've now realized that the credentials to the webui and all my 'secrets' have been transmitted in plaintext on the open internet.  Great.


As a workaround I can change all my secrets, disable the webui, and exclusively do remote configuration on a config file via ssh, but still... wtf?

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Yep, reverse proxy with SSL and a good WAF like mod_security is strictly necessary.


There are tons of how-tos out there about 'setting up your own dropbox' with a linux server and btsync.  And I cringe every time I see one because I've never seen one mention this.  You know there are people out there who just copy/paste the commands without understanding what they're doing and assume it's safe, but it's not.  Not reverse proxying (or disabling) the btsync webui is foolish and anyone advocating it is putting people at risk.


Sending 'secrets' in plaintext over an untrusted network means they are no longer secrets.  This should be plastered in big, bold letters all over any instructional copy regarding btsync and it's not.


I could (almost) forgive them for not including this functionality because of the messiness of dealing with SSL certs and not wanting to reinvent the wheel (a good web server), but omitting a prominent warning of a gaping security hole is inexcusable.


The fact that everyone seems to want to stick their heads in the sand and pretend this isn't a real issue is very disconcerting and makes me wonder what other security issues are being ignored inside the black box of closed source code.  It sure doesn't inspire confidence.

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I agree with all the posts in this thread. What really should get fixed is the sharing of the secrets in plain text.

Using a reverse proxy is still a good idea. Software like nginx is getting many more reviews by the community and should therefore be more safe against hackers.

Having another user (nginx) listen to the big bad world is giving you an extra level of security.


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14 hours ago, Moe said:

Ugh this has already been implemented. Please check the help section for information on how to setup WebGUI with https cert (if you want to use your own one instead of the self signed that comes with it)

That's awesome!

But I can not find the article, can you give me the link? Thank you!

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