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I'm using a backup program that copies all of my data from the local hard drive to my NAS


For this I'm using SecondCopy with the option "Exact Copy : copy source to destination, delete obsolete files from destination"


The problem is that SecondCopy is removing the files / folders that Sync needs to opperate.


I can tell SecondCopy to ignore files / folders.


Which files / folders does Sync create within the selected directory?

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Sync can create the following folders:



..and the following files:







...but really, the best advice would be; don't run multiple different file synchronization/backup software on the same set of files/folder - it's really just asking for trouble! Either choose "SecondCopy" or BitTorrent Sync - running both together will cause issues to one or the other!

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Thanks for the reply. The reason I'm using SecondCopy is that the backup to the NAS is done once a day to the local lan.


I'm running Sync in the NAS and a copy of Sync in read only mode at home to keep an off site backup.


Also wondering why Sync uses the sync directory to place these files. Why not keep all of that information in it's own program directory?

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