[1.2.73] No longer syncs one folder

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A pictures folder that was transferring (hadn't finished first sync) when I upgraded to 1.2.73 has now stuck saying there are no more updates, and doesn't want to transfer. The other machine which has the folder says this one (my Raspberry Pi) is connected, but there are no transfers in progress. I added another folder since the upgrade, and this one is syncing without issue.


The folder just keeps saying Indexing, and that there is 14GB to upload to the other machine, which isn't right, as this is the machine that should be pulling - but it just never transfers anything.


I'm not a Linux pro, so I'm not sure where to look for logs like I would be on Windows.




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You don't specify which previous version of Sync you updated from, as updating from a very old builds to the current build may require that you remove and then re-add your folders back to Sync, due to changes that were made in the way Sync functions and in the protocol, etc


But, regardless of the version you were using prior to update to 1.2.73, does your problem get resolved if you remove the folders from Sync and then re-add them again with the same secrets?

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Thanks for your reply GreatMarko.


Yes, you've caught me out. I didn't mention it as I wasn't sure what version I came from. I hoped it might not be necessary, despite knowing better ;)


It wasn't that old, however. Possibly only a week or two at most.


I did try removing the Pictures folder and adding again with the same secret, but it just seems to have got back to the same state and does not continue syncing.


It seems to always be saying "indexing", it does disappear sometimes, but then returns not long after.


If I was to power the system down, unplug the hard drive, plug it in to the machine where the files are, copy them across then hook it back up to my Pi, do you think it would bring it back to life?

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If removing the folder and re-adding it didn't work, it may be that the folder's .SyncID file is corrupt/has been damaged.


Remove the folder from Sync again, then delete the hidden .SyncID file within that folder, then add the folder back to Sync again with the original secret. Sync will generate a new .SyncID file in the folder, which should cause Sync to reindex the folder correctly.

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Thanks GreatMarko. Will give that a go now.


As an aside, as the Raspberry Pi's CPU is quite abysmal (even with encryption over LAN disabled) for BTSync transfers, would copying the files onto the drive first using another machine, and then adding the folder be a better way to initially replicate the folder, with the indexing/hashing ensuring that only new changes after that would be sync'd?

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