Error: don't have permissions to write to the selected folder.

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I have a raspberry pi, mounting a smb share on my synology nas.

The mount takes place with all right (777) required on the /mnt/share/


And then I try to sync from a laptop to the share (in readonly mode).

The mount is not empty, actually it already contains a full copy of what is going to be synced, if not it can delete stuff (I don't care).


Now I get the error "don't have permissions to write to the selected folder."


When I do the same thing, but now create a directory within the /mnt/share/syncdir/

Now it just syncs fine...


What is going on here? Please explain this behaviour, so I understand what I am doing wrong.




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Update on issue, I did solve the issue, but it toke me some hunting, some tips:

  • Make sure your windows share is writeable (hint, hint)
  • Do not use a guest account on your SAMBA Windows Share, but create a users.
  • Do create a user and find out userid
  • Add userID specifically to mount command.

If all goes well, then it works. But beleive me, I had to puzzle for a few hours.


If you need an example of my mnt command, just give me a shout.

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