Bts Stuck In Loop On A Couple Of Files


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I am running a very large BTS network with over a dozen separate synced folders and involving over a dozen separate computers, only one of which has a copy of everything (it's the common backup).  Some folders every system has, others only a handful.


Anyway, as you'd expect it takes a LONG time to index and fully sync whenever a computer powers on.  That's OK since mostly they are on all the time anyway.


But I have a problem with one specific folder: it never finishes syncing.  The same half-dozen or so files permanently cycle through the "Transfer" window.  It seems to always be transmitting data but never getting anywhere.




1. There are folders in my network that are read-only, but the problem folder is not one of them.


2. The other folders appear to sync fully and correctly, adding new files as they are added, even while the stuck files stay stuck.


3. In the problem folder, however, the stuck files seem to cause the indexing on that particular folder to get stuck too - that is, newly added files are NOT consistently synced across the network.


I know you will say "send in the logs."  The trouble is that I have so many synced folders with so many thousands of files, they will be enormous and contain tons of irrlevant information.


Is there a way to tell BTS to log only the activity for one specific folder?


Or, is it OK if I turn on logging only after everything else has synced, let it log for a few minutes while it's stuck in the loop, then turn off logging and send in the log files?

All nodes are running BTS 1.2.73.

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Is there a way to tell BTS to log only the activity for one specific folder?

Unfortunately not - it's all or nothing! The only workaround would be to remove your other folders from Sync (after noting down their secrets so you can add them back), leaving the one folder you're interested in. That way only that folder's activity will be logged. Not ideal, but a potential workaround.

However, if your Sync is stuck in a "loop" on one particular folder, I'd suggest trying the following first:

1) Stop Sync on all your devices

2) In the folder in question, check for and delete any .!Sync, .SyncPart, .SyncTemp or .SyncOLD files

3) Restart Sync


(The above steps should allow Sync to retransfer any "stuck" files)

If this doesn't solve your issue, then:

4) Make a note of the folder's secret

5) Remove the folder from Sync

6) Remove the .SyncID file from the folder itself (note: this may be a hidden file)

7) Add the folder back to Sync with it's original Secret


(The above steps should cause Sync to freshly re-index the folder)

If none of these things resolve your issue, then I'm afraid you will likely need to "send in the logs"

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