Confused About Selective Sync Functionality Or It's Buggy


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I've done some testing with the Selective Sync functionality. I took the script that was posted here as a starting point.

My tests were basically inconclusive as the behavior doesn't seem to be consistent. So, first of all a question. Is selective sync supposed to work for directories, or only for files?


In my testing is seemed that directories were always synced, no matter what. I also noted that the response to a call to "set_file_prefs" for a directory, doesn't include the "download: 1". So that makes me think you can't set this on directories.


But if that's the case, then I'm totally confused as to how this is supposed to work.


The documentation isn't really helping either. First it says this:

Selects file for download for selective sync folders.

Suggesting it works for files and (maybe) not for directories.

But then later it says this:

path (required) - specify path to a subfolder of the sync folder.

So now it's talking about a path, rather than a file. Could someone please explain how it's supposed to work, so I can then maybe post some more conclusive test results?




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Hey BitTorrent guys,


When signing up, you said you welcomed reports of any issues I was having. Would you care to answer my question then though? I'm really interested in the product, but that's quickly fading if your response is going to be this slow (or not at all). I'm on a project I would like to test this on, and was hoping for a bit more swift response.



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This forum looks deserted. Unfortunately.


I've confirmed the behavior you mentioned. But I'm also stuck, and can only conclude that selective_sync should be propagated to folders but it is not at the moment, which is a really turn off to me.


By experience when they mention (path) you should assume the whole path, including file name.

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