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I am looking for a note app to replace the about-to-be-cancelled Notespark app on my iPod 4G. The instructions from Notespark are:

'In addition to the CSV file export we have always supported, we've now implemented a way of exporting your notes as a .zip file of text files organized into folders for your tags.

We recommend that you export your notes as a .zip file and import them into an alternative product, such as Evernote, which is free, or one of the many Dropbox-based notes apps (e.g., Notesy, Nebulous, Write, PlainText). To export your notes, sign in to and click "Export". '


Is there a BitTorrent app that would work for me? I want to import my existing notes and sync notes between my iPod 4G and my Windows 7 computer. (My iPod has iOS 6.5.1; it cannot be upgraded to iOS 7.)


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