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I can't get btsync to work on my Linux VPS. Perhaps there's a firewall issue? I tried setting up a custom listening port and opened that in the server's firewall.


I think I've configured it correctly and don't see any errors in the log, but the server never connects to any of the other device with the same secret (there were three of them when I tested, in different cities with different internet connections, all able to see each other).


My config file is:


Here's the log output (debug enabled):


For the firewall I've opened port 4242 for TCP_IN, TCP_OUT, UDP_IN, UDP_OUT. Any ideas/suggestions?


I'm using the latest version (downloaded today) on CentOS.

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I tested the exact same config file in an Ubuntu 12.0.4 virtual machine and it works perfectly.


Why isn't it working on CentOS? Maybe the production datacenter firewall is causing issues? How can I debug it?


The firewall is a hardware cisco box, I opened the listening port and confirmed it's open, but is there anything else that needs opening?

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