How To Set Fixed Listening Port In Linux?

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my BTSync installation on Linux Mint 14 basically stopped working.

I suspect there is a problem with UPNP opening the listening port on the router.

I noticed that this port changes everytime I restart the system (or BTSync), but I'd rather open one fixed port on the router.

I tried editing the ~/user/.btsync.conf file but I noticed that everytime I restart BTsync, this file gets overwritten and the changes are lost.

How can I fix this?



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The btsync instance should run with --config, in your case btsync --config ~/user/.btsync.conf. If it does not, the changes in your config file will not be used. You could check with ps on the command line and see which config - if any - btsync uses.

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You are right, it's not running with any config file.

What would happen if I modified the /etc/btsync-user/btsync-user.conf file?

Would I achieve the same result this way, without specifying the config file to use? Or is this an abomination? :D




I suppose you are using the btsync-user package. In this case, you should read carefully the initial posting. There is a detailed documentation on how you can run the instance with a user specific configuration file (And in this file you can specify a specific port).


The /etc/btsync-user/btsync-user.conf file is only a template for the specific automatic configuration file created on each login. It is not a good idea to specify a fixed port there, since in case of multiple users of the system, there would be a port conflict.

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