Doest Bt Sync Detect If Files Are Already Here


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I have two folders, my music library, sized 121 GB synchronized from my desktop pc to my laptop (both windows 8). Because I previously used synctoy for this, the music libraries were actually in sync before I started using BTSync.


So I tried BTSync, generated a secret and set it to the music folder on my desktop pc. Then I did the same on my laptop and set the read-only secret to my already existing music folder.


Now, it shows me that it still needs to synchronize 120 GB. It only 'synchronized' 1 GB in the last 3 days.


First of all, doesn't Bittorrent Sync realize that the content (hash) and last modification dates of the files is already the same?


Somehow it realizes, because Bittorrent Sync doesn't seem to send any actual data, I never see any activity on my network adapter. It only seems to check 3 files every 10 or so seconds to realize no data has to be sent. And with 27000 files, this could take a while...

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