Android Android Media Server Excessive Cpu Avoidable When Syncing Lots Of Files?

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Since starting to use the BitTorrent Sync app with large amounts of files--15GB and 20,000 files is a lot for Android--my phone periodically  goes into 4-5 hours long episodes of 30-40% CPU usage. This wipes out the battery far faster than an S4 should normally perform. I've determined that it's due to Android's Media Server running overtime. I've seen people reporting this unfortunate activity from Media Server as inevitable when you have lots of files, but that placing a ".nomedia" file in a directory will make Media Server ignore everything under that file hierarchy. I've done this with all my BitTorrent Sync folders, but I still get periodic, out-of-control episodes of Media Server battery hogging. They seem to always correspond to times when I've made lots of file changes, so that Media Server would have a lot to do if it was not properly ignoring the trees from a ".nomedia" file on down. In that case, it seems like the .nomedia directive has less than a full effect.


I was wondering about other people's Android battery experiences. It's certainly not the fault of the BitTorrent Sync process itself, as that has been thoroughly investigated, and I'm using its sleep function. So this is really an Android question, but I'm more likely to find Android users of BitTorrent Sync here than BitTorrent Sync users at the thread I started at xda. I'm a little concerned, though, that the number of Android users here is so small that the problem becomes intractable when it comes to treating your Android/BTSync config like a regular computer to the degree that phone users are forced to implement syncing on limited sets of files. Any suggestions and insights on efficient use of BTSync on phones in general would be welcome, including iPhone. I mean, I'd seriously entertain switching to iPhone if I could keep all my stuff in sync and still regularly get a full day's use out of my phone's battery.

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