Deleted Files From Android Backup Folder On Pc - How To Resync?

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On my Android device, I shared the TitaniumBackup folder as a "backup" folder (3rd tab in the app). I added this shared folder on my PC and waited, until all files were there.


Then, on the PC, I removed the files in the folder. The web interface thus shows:


0 B in 0 files




Now ­— how would I "re-sync" that folder, so that the PC (a Linux system) gets those now missing files again? Granted, in that specific case, it would be easy to delete the shared folder from the PCs config, as I removed all files. But suppose there were 815 files and 42 were removed…


How to do?




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Hello alexs,


Open your BtSync, and right-click on the folder path who you want to resync, and click "Show folder preferences".  On the folder preferences there will be a "Restore modified files to original version".


That worked to me. 


To my needs, it will be better if I can check this option right after a readonly key was inserted.

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