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I'm having troubles understanding why the "add_folder" method does not directly provide the folder' secrets in return.

Adding a folder to BTSync seems a useless action without the secrets. So, my app needs to do the following:


1. "add_folder"

2. "get_folders"

3. iterate the list of folders and match the path that was just added to get the secret

4. "get_secrets" with the secret found at step #3


That's quite some work for a simple task.


At least include the main secret in the "add_folder" reply, so that I can skip the step number 3.

The best solution however would be to merge the response of "get_secrets" into the response of "add_folder".


P.S. I tried as a workaround to specify my own "secret" in the "add_folder" request, however BTSync crashes with any operation that includes a folder added with a custom "secret".


If I don't understand correctly how the API was designed to be used, please do let me know.


By the way, great work on the software!

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