Bluetooth Mobile Phone To Pc That Is Offline?

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I am wondering if it's possible to sync with BlueTooth?


I have a computer running BTsync which is connected to the Internet.  I have an Andorid device that is set to sync with that computer.


I have a third computer that will not have Internet connection, but I want to sync the files from my Android Device(which is connected to Internet) onto it via bluetooth.  Is this possible?



Thanks for any insight.  I didn't see any docs on if Bluetooth even works for BTsync.

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Thanks for the quick reply.  Basically I want to bring my Android phone near a Raspberry Pi (which won't have Internet available).


I want my android phone to have been synced already via mobile data.  Then when I bring it out to the Raspberry Pi, let's say in a cabin in the woods, it synces up the files to mirror those on my phone.


Is there a better way besides how I am thinking?  Mobile phone won't have PAN, and won't be rooted, and without wifi tether.  My mobile phone will have Internet signal, but no Wifi in the cabin for the Raspberry pi to use.  How can I get the two to talk and sync up seemlessly?

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To go over bluetooth, you could use a third party app (I found one on the google app store called BlueBox that might work). Set the same folder for sync for both Bittorrent Sync and the third party app. First sync with Bittorrent Sync and then with the third party app to the third computer. There's probably a better way to do this with some sort of Ad-hoc network configuration that would allow you to have a shared folder via bluetooth between your pc and android though. That way you don't have to use a third party application.

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If the third computer connects to internet via Bluetooth, it should work. Once i connected my computer to my phone and with usb tethering. On The computer, i had a virtualbox running windows. And it synced with my phone without any problem. So i think the same would go for a Bluetooth tether

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