Syncing Subfolders Now Possible Or Not?

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After stopping syncing with btsync for a while I thought I give it another try. One main "issue" I had with btsync was not not being able to sync a subfolder within a synced folder. Now with version 1.2.82 I see that (if my memory serves me right) I don't get an error anymore when trying to add a subfolder in btsync of an already synced parent folder. So I have now:


Main syncfolder


     |---------------------- subsynced folder


If I read the forum about nested or subfolder syncing the only way to accomplish this was like putting the subsynced folder in the main .SyncIgnore on all the machines that needs to sync the main folder.


What would the danger be in letting the main sync folder indexing all including the subsynced folder and the subsynced folder, just the subsync?

The only bad thing about that I can think of is that the subsynced folder will be indexed twice (wich might have impact on performance/memory but further?


As others mentioned before I'd like to sync a subset of my Pictures to my laptop that has limited space (SSD), so I only want to sync the current year or so..


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Hi idef1x, sirio81,


This is a very basic support of subfolders sync (so I would avoid calling it "Nested folders support") and it is possible with several limitations:

 - Both parent folder and child folder must have RW permissions.

 - Both folders are treated as separate sync folder, so additional indexing will be done.

 - Other peers, that have parent secret WILL NOT seed the data to peers, owning only child folders.


We'll update the FAQ.

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