Revoked / Changed Full Access Secret But Still Sharing Files

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first things first: Thank you very much for BTsync! I really love it and use it privately more and more!


Now my "problem" (I searched for "renew" and "revoke" in this forum already):


I have a bunch of people with read-only access to files. One of them must be removed for reasons. I re-generated a new Full access secret and distributed new r/o keys to all the others. But it seems to me the person I want to be excluded is still getting traffic?!


Any hints to this BTsync behavior? Any help is appreciated!


Warm regards from Germany Happy X-Mas!



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Hi brusker,


If you have created entirely new keys, than this should not happen. How did you see/verify that the one person still has access to the files?



Maybe take a closer look at the BTsync activity log: create new files and see with which nodes your btsync is synchronising. Sometimes a restart of BTsync does wonders, if you do things like changing keys.

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