Btsync Not Fully Indexing


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I have successfully setup btsync on one directory, and this has completely indexed and synced with no issues.


However, for whatever reason, the second directory I have tried to add is only partially indexing - of 90 subfolders, only 9 are actually picked up by btsync.


I have checked, and permissions are identical, and there is nothing in .syncignore that should be causing this.

The file count is high due to lots of small text files - indexing stops at 7000-ish (those 9 folders with way more to go) and then reports that it is complete.

The only thing the log tells me is 'Loaded folder...' - no errors reported or anything.


Is there some kind of folder level limit, or file count limit causing this?


Where can I go from here?





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Same problem for me.

I'm evaluating btsync for backing up my home dir to a NAS (Synology) and also have the problem that btsync only sees part of all files.


On my MBP (OSX 10.9.1) running btsync 1.2.82 I have these file counts:


- Running `find . -type f | wc -l` in my home folder tells me that I have 468700 files (including <10K .SyncIgnored files)

- The "Folders" tab of the btsync GUI tells me that my home folder has 181901 files

- Running `find . -type f | wc -l` in the target dir on my NAS yields 188547 (including about 6K in `.SyncArchive`)


So the problem appears to be on the source machine, where btsync doesn't see all files.

Unfortunately this is a SERIOUS problem, since it renders btsync practically unusable as a backup solution.

Failing silently in this area is dangerous...


I hope this can be rectified quickly.




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