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Thanks for the API notion - great idea.  Some wider questions/issues arising if I may:


Let me explain the background: Our set of apps (usual desktop suspects, along with iOS/Android mobile) support custom hardware which generates a large'ish data set every day. The notion of having really robust and finely grained synch/replication between different groups of users, their own collection of computing hardware and cloud spaces is really attractive. 


Now, we have gone to great length to have desktop installations etc as friction-free as possible, so obviously signed packages which are extremely careful about (not) requiring admin rights, asking awkward questions about firewall exceptions etc. In short we have good control over the stack we install (which includes both an HTTP server and, on Windows, an embedded version of the Mozilla browser).


The API as it stands is JSON/HTTP but suggested use case assume that the host already has BTSync installed (?). Question then is this: Are there any plans to ship a set of libraries which can be linked with, or at least installed along side of, full-fat apps? This would greatly simplify deployment/installation and minimize support requirements ('Hi Support? What is this new whirly icon I've got in my taskbar/Mac menu?')


The obvious extension of this is closed/open sourcing. I can virtually guarantee that open-sourcing this technology would do wonders for it's take-up. Even publishing the protocol would be a great step forward for future-proofing/security. Where do you guys stand on this? 


Equally, and I hate to appear cynical, is there any likelihood we are dealing with a potential bait-and-switch scenario? There have been several projects recently which have moved from BSD to dual GPL/commercial licensing, err, somewhat after the fact. Completely not a problem if this intention is declared up front but disappointing under other circumstances. Is there any likelihood of offering a commercial license and if so potentially on what terms?


Really look forward to any comments on this.


Thanks again for sharing and for listening.


Best regards.

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