Windows Server 2003 - Memory Usage Increases Over Time


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We are using BTSync 1.2.82...but this also applies to earlier 1.2.xx versions...


We are using BTSYnc to synchronise 10 folders. Synchronisation is two-way. What we notice is that the amount of server memory used by BTSync gradually increases. After a server reboot, the BTSync process initially uses about 90Mb of memory once synchronisation is under way on all the directories - but if left unmonitored, the amount of memory will gradually increase - we have seen it as high as 700Mb after running for about two weeks. Servers have 2Gb of memory installed, but begin to slow down as the BTSync demand for memory gets this high.

We have BTSync on 4 servers, and we observe the same 'memory creep' on all of them. Does anyone else experience this?

We do see many errors in the BTSync log - perhaps this is a clue - but everything seems to sync up ok.

At the moment, we are doing a scheduled reboot of the servers periodically to keep memory usage down - but this is obviously not something we want to keep doing.

Any information welcome.


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