Feature Request For Visually Impaired People


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Bittorrent Sync can be used by visually impaiered People very good (talking about the Windows Version). There are only two Little things which would make it easier for someone who's blind, to Access the control Panel:

1. a keystroke to Change the TabSheets in the main window

2. it would be nice, if you can Chose wether to Display the symbols for the Connection as a graphic or as a combination of letters.


with best regards



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1. a keystroke to Change the TabSheets in the main window

You can actually already "Tab" around the UI (using your keyboard's Tab key). The tabs across the top of Sync's interface are selectable this way, and once selected, you can then use the left/right arrow keys to change between tabs.


In relation to the more general topic of improving accessibility for visually impaired users - there was also a discussion last year in relation to improving access for screen readers, which may also be of some interest.

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