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 I am new to BTSync and love what it does, but I cannot figure out how to get SyncIgnore working, despite reading many posts on this forum and revising my setup many times.  Any help is greatly appreciated.


Currently, I am syncing Folder1 and it subfolders.  Within Folder1 is a subdirectory called Outlook Data, which houses my PST files.  I do not want those files synced because they are too large and fill the harddrive on my other device.  I created a .SyncIgnore file with the following entries:


C:\Folder1\Outlook Data
C:\Folder1\Outlook Data/*

I copied the .SyncIgore file to the root directory of both devices. 


One potential problem is that on Device1, the folder structure is as above.  On Device2, it appears as


C:\Users\user1_000\Folder1\Outlook Data
C:\Users\user1_000\Folder1\Outlook Data/*


If this is my problem, how do I get around it?  If not, might you have other suggestions?




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Thank you for that advice.  Since the root is Folder1, I altered the .syncignore file to:


Outlook Data
Outlook Data/*


But that did not work.  Syncing still occurs.  Any other suggestion you can provide is appreciated.


This is a frustrating problem, shared by many, judging from the posts in this forum. I hope there is a feature in the works that will simplify the exclusion of files and folders.

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