Silent Install Of Btsync.exe On Windows


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I am trying to do a silent install of BTSync on my clients, I have copy&paste the config file on documentation:


I have replaced API Key in the example with my own:

{    // path to folder where Sync will store its internal data,    // folder must exist on disk    "storage_path" : "C:\btsync\",    // run Sync in GUI-less mode    "use_gui" : false,    "webui" : {        // IP address and port to access HTTP API        "listen" : "",        // login and password for HTTP basic authentication        // authentication is optional, but it's recommended to use some        // secret values unique for each Sync installation        "login" : "api",        "password" : "secret",        // replace xxx with API key received from BitTorrent        "api_key" : "myAPIkEY"    }}


After that I have tried to install in this way from a console command (windows):

BTSync.exe /config config.conf

But if I do a check on listening ports looking for port 8888 (as in my config file) then no port is open/listening on my system.


Any help ?








I have changed the storage path line to this one:

"storage_path" : "C://btsync/",

 As I have read here:



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