Moving Files Within The Folder Structure Of A Share

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I have a share under which I just moved 1.1GB of files out of one subfolder, and into a different subfolder as part of a reclassification of those files.


The result of this action was for BTSync to delete these files from the source subfolder on the remote endpoint, then re-transfer them from the local endpoint into their new destination subfolder on the remote endpoint. 1.1GB of data was caused to flow across the network, that didn't strictly need to occur.


Tracking moves of files between subfolders, and folder creates/renames/deletes, is something Microsoft's SyncToy can do, so that minimum data is copied. This seems to be an area to target for refinement in BTSync. It would save a lot of bulk transfer utilization where files may be moved intact between folders in a common hierarchy.


v 1.2.82 in use

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