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I have most of my family with BTsync. Problem is some people delete files we all get deleted is there any way where all the computers can do 1 way sync. For example if i add a file they all get it. if my uncle deletes the file in his side it deletes but also if my uncle adds a file we all get the file but if i delete only my file deletes

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You'd need to use "read only" secrets, rather than "full access" secrets.


If you wish each "device" (family member) to be able to add new files, but only delete their own, you'd need to setup a series of folders, then assign each to be "full access" on just one device, and "read only" on all the others.


For example, let's say 4 members of the family each have their own device, Dad would create a folder on his device called "Dad", with a full access secret. He would then give the read-only secret for this folder to the other family members, who would use this to create a "Dad" folder on their respective devices. Only changes that Dad makes to the "Dad" folder on his device will propagate. Changes to the "Dad" folder on other devices will not.


Then, repeat the above on Mum's device with a folder called "Mum" - again, giving it a full-access secret on Mum's device, and read-only on all the others... then do the same for the other family member's devices.


The result will be that you'll end up with a folder for each family member on each device, but only changes made to the respective family member's folder will propagate. Other changes will be ignored.

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Hi !

As I explained in my post "One way Sync issue", I tried to use read only secret as you explained, but it doesn't work.

If I take your example : as soon as one member of the family (eg "Mom") modifies a file in his "Dad" folder, synchronization of this file will stop definitively, i.e. no future changes of this file done by Dad on his own device will propagate to Mom's "Dad" folder.


Is something wrong in the way I use BTSync, or is this the normal behavior ?


Thanks for your help

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Hi somid3,

Thanks for your answer.

No, I am  not requesting separate codes for read, write, delete.


What I'm looking for is a one-way sync. Let's call A the master device, B the second device and F the folder for which I need one-way sync. I want that all changes in F done on A propagates to F on B, but none of changes in F done on B propagates to F on A.


However BTSync did not work like this :

- as long as files are not modified in F on B, one-way sync works fine, i.e. all changes in F done on A propagates to F on B

- as soon as a file is modified in F on B, one-way sync stops definitively for this file, i.e. none of the changes which will happen in F on A will propagate to F on B.

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