Trouble Syncing A Lightroom Catalogue File

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I am syncing all my photos from my home linux arm based NAS to my work windows8 PC, using the latest version 1.2.82 on both.


It seems to sync everything, except the lightroom catalogue files wont sync. (Lightroom 5 Catalog.lrcat)  I don't believe either files are locked.



Any ideas ?





contents of my .SyncIgnore

# OS generated files #


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1/ Are you sure to synchronize the folder "Lightroom 5 Catalog" which contents your LR catalog (Lightroom 5 Catalog.lrcat) ?

2/ Is this a full sync or a one-way Sync (read only secret) ?

3/ Is Lightroom closed on the first PC ?


One thing I don't understand : you are mentioning a linux arm based NAS. Does that mean that your LR catalog is on this NAS ?

On which Pc do you want to use Lightroom ?


NB : I 'm synchroniszing LR catalog between 2 PC and it works if I use full Sync; I have only problem when I use one-way sync.

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Sorry for delay,  been away.


my setup.


I have a raspberry pi setup with btsync v1.2.82  on it and an external HDD with my FULL backed up copy (yes another copy) of the lightroom catalog and photos.  This is then synced (one-way, read-only) to my windows 8.1 pc at work.  So on neither machines lightroom isn't installed (raspberry pi, home/windows8.1, work pc)


As mentioned it seems to sync everything else, photos and if i create a file in the same directory as the lightroom catalog it will sync that.  I have even tired re-creating the sync and re-indexing it, but it doesn't pick it up.  Have also tired deleting the lightroom catalog (work pc) but it doesn't re-sync it.


How do you turn on debuging in linux and windows to see what is going on?



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I talked to Adobe's customer service about exactly this.  I want to share a catalog between my laptop and desktop (both Mac).  I was told that this was not currently possible to do.  I have the two computers networked together so I've basically been overwriting the catalogs back and forth every time.  I can't wait until a solution comes up and I would imagine there are enough other users like us that are waiting as well.  Hopefully Adobe will fix this soon.

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