Android App Will Stop Syncing When Screen Is Off.

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My computer uses 1.2.82. My tablet is using the latest android version. Whenever the screen of the tablet is off, the syncing stopped. I have used "better wifi on/off" app to keep WIFI always on and the sync speed goes down to about 6 KB/s from about 1 MB/s when the screen is off. 

When I turned on the screen, the sync speed immediately jumps back up.


Android 4.1.1 on Iconia A210.



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I wonder if this is some kind of Android "feature"? For example, I use Android Tuner to back up my apps nightly. It offers an option to leave the screen on while backing up because that will make it run faster. I don't know how that works myself, but maybe this is also a question for an Android forum.

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