Huge Log File & Sync Issues

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I would post these two problems separately, but I think they are related.


Some background: I've been using sync for months now and love it. One of the directories I've started syncing recently is my photos folders: 450GB in 66,000+ files between a Windows 7 64-bit machine and my Linux server at home.


Problem 1.


I noticed that the sync was taking a long time and that the speed was really slow. That's when I noticed that the 300MB sync of current files was creating a lot of .!sync files and not finishing the sync on them. I tried moving the files in question out of the folder, allowing the .!sync files to get deleted, and then trying again, but no luck. I tried stopping and restarting sync on both machines. I tried combinations in various orders of all of the above. No joy.


I noticed that my Linux version was still the previous stable version (1.1.82 or whatever), so I upgraded to the most recent 1.2.82. Didn't help.


Eventually, I solved the problem by removing the photos folder on both machines and allowing them to reindex.


As of yesterday, the problem has reoccurred. I don't want to spend half a day re-indexing the folders every time this happens.


All other folders sync with no problems.


Problem 2.


While investigating the first problem, I inspected the log files on each machine. There were a fair number of errors on the Linux side. I turned on debug logging on the Linux machine. Shortly after that, I noticed that my sync.log file was getting huge. So I removed that switch from the init script and restarted the sync service. The logs continue to be huge. Like 9GB+ for 24 hours of operation.


I've been running for less than 30 minutes and my sync.log on the Linux box is over 50MB! The log is quite verbose, and looks to me like it's still running in debug mode.



I've searched through the forums, but haven't found anything relevant. Maybe my search terms are wrong? Anyway, apologies if I'm retreading anything, but any help would be much appreciated. I'm sure this is just a config issue.



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I had the same issues - gigabytes half uploaded, no transfers. Also problems with short files not finishing syncs.

For now I have found a workaround, maybe usefull for the developers to search if it has something to do with concurrent updates:


Since I have a server in the LAN, I have configured BTSync on the server with static IP address and opened the firewall for the BTSunc port, but with all methods for connection disabled (no user relay, no use server, no search LAN, no search DHT, no predefined ports. Only the port open and listening.

All other machines the same options, except one predefined host, that from the server (domainname + port). This way all machines communicate only with the always on server.

Additionally, I fire BTSync on only one machine (except the server) at a time. This machine is not being shut down (ore BTSync closed) until all Sync is done. If I do not respect this point files partially uploaded, present in the same version on other machines (eg. copied with removable media) are not finishing the update until the initiating update machine is back online.

This way BTSync works perfect, with large and small files, also often updated.


This workaround works for me, maybe can it give some hint on what can go wrong? Otherwise great, great program!




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Thanks for the response. Sadly, the folder that I'm having problems syncing with is shared between two machines. One in Canada, and one in Japan. So the LAN trick won't work for me.


Also, it's not practical to use my Linux box (the one in Japan) as a central server. For me, the point in general is to have certain folders sync'd between multiple machines at the same time, and not have to rely on a central box for my day-to-day syncing needs.  :(

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Still no luck. Occasionally one or more files just seems to get stuck going from PC in Canada to Server in Japan. The workaround (moving the file out of the sync path on the PC, restarting btsync on the Server, and then copying the file back in) is getting annoying, particularly when the file in question is huge.


Incidentally, I solved the log problem. It turns out that the debug.txt file was still sitting in the .sync director. I renamed it and the log returned to normal size.



I did also send this issue (and logs) to support. Have not heard back yet.

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