Bug: Returned Json Escapes Utf-8 In Messages


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Localized strings are returned with wrong escaping in JSON, e.g.:


{ "message": "Der ausgew\u00c3\u00a4hlte Ordner wurde bereits zu BitTorrent Sync hinzugef\u00c3\u00bcgt.", "result": 200 }



These are escaped UTF-8 bytes, which is wrong. Either don't escape at all, as UTF-8 is default for JSON anyways and if you must escape then see 2.5 in RFC 4627.


You should also send a charset=utf-8 along with Content-Type.




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@sebknzl, @scus,


I'll check why do we escape characters and if this can be changed. However, the RFC4627 allows character escaping, i'm citing:




2.5. Strings

The representation of strings is similar to conventions used in the C
family of programming languages. A string begins and ends with
quotation marks. All Unicode characters may be placed within the
quotation marks except for the characters that must be escaped:
quotation mark, reverse solidus, and the control characters (U+0000
through U+001F).

Any character may be escaped. If the character is in the Basic
Multilingual Plane (U+0000 through U+FFFF), then it may be
represented as a six-character sequence: a reverse solidus, followed
by the lowercase letter u, followed by four hexadecimal digits that
encode the character's code point. The hexadecimal letters A though
F can be upper or lowercase. So, for example, a string containing
only a single reverse solidus character may be represented as

Alternatively, there are two-character sequence escape
representations of some popular characters. So, for example, a
string containing only a single reverse solidus character may be
represented more compactly as "\\".
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This seems to have caused a very odd regression around UTF in the 1.4.x series.  My Linux and Mac computers sync fine, but my Synology NAS cannot figure out any file or folder structure with extended characters.  While most were already synced, the NAS is convinced that they are not, and is constantly trying to sync them.


All devices are running 1.4.93.  I can provide logs if that would be of any use.

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