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Btsync Don't Have A Permission Of A Usb Disk Mounted In A Android Device

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After i have mount a external USB device, i can't sync any folder in that device !!


Message error : "Don't have the permission for that folder..."


My android device are rooted.


Sorry for my english

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Btsync can no longer sync (write) to folders on the Ext SD card with Note 3 after Android 4.4.2. update. 

Syncing to the files on internal SD is still OK.

I tried with a new Ext SD card. Same problem.

So, the problem seems to be with Android 4.4.2.


On my old Galaxy S II, syncing to both internal and external SD are OK.


After some research, some blogs seem to indicate that this is a new feature of Android 4.4.2, where applications need to ask for permission to write to the external SD card. So an update from Google/Samsung may never come, and the app developers may have to make the necessary modifications to get permissions to write to the external SD card. Some people suggest a modification to the platform.xml file (for rooted devices) to achieve this.


I hope that this information is helpful today. If someone else has a solution to this problem, I would appreciate to know about it.





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