1.2.82 - Paths/devices Missing


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I've two PCs running 1.2.82, with 4 paths syncing between the 2 PCs.

Theres also a sync path with an iPhone


For some reason, despite all 4 showing in the Folders area on both PCs, and both PCs on the same LAN, only 1 of them shows under Devices, and the iphone one too.


I'm making changes to files that that PC detects, but its not transferring to the other PC.


I'll start logging etc to see, but anyone else seeing this ?


All drives are writable, firewall rules look ok and it was working.

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This morning, I noticed that one client is missing from the Devices tab on two of my computers.  Restarting BitTorrent Sync in all three locations does not cause the missing client to appear.


So, A and B do not see C.  C does not see A or B.  However, C does see other clients and is syncing to/from them.  Very strange.


UPDATE:  Rebooting "C" resolved the problem.

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ok... rebooting doesn't help mine. I've turned debug on both PCs.  Reading through the log I see both machines are able to ping each other.


On one of the PCs I see a message like:


2014-01-02 21:22:45.900] Got ping (broadcast: 0) from peer (00C***************************************) for share 611*************************************
I'm not sure what those IDs are.  After the startup it carrys on sending broadcast pings on both machines.

I'm trying to email the logs in

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ok.. I've narrowed something down.


On the Folders 'not working', I'd disabled relay and tracker server

Search LAN is still on but obviously not working.


Turning them on on one Folder caused it to show in Devices.. I'll keep testing


There just basic Windows firewall (Win 7 on one PC, Win 8.1 on the other).

Win8.1:  Has a rule to allow the 'Bittorrent Sync (TCP-in and UDP-in)' for Private and Public

Win 7 machine:  Also has a rule to allow inbound connections

After I got one working.. the others have now suddenly kicked in and sync is starting up again...

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