Windows C:/ Drive Permissions Probs.


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I'm currently trying to use BTS to back up everything on the C drive of a Windows 7 x64 machine to a folder inside of another Windows 7 x64 machine, and whenever I try to get sync set up for the C:/ folder, I get the 'Don't have permissions to write to the selected folder." error. 


I'm more of a Mac guy, but I'm doing this for some experimentation for work as a cost-saving procedure, and I can't seem to get over this hill. I've tried changing the permissions of the C:/ folder to no success.


Any help would be much appreciated.

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It's likely to be a sub folder of the C:\ drive that you don't have permission to access, rather than the entire C:\ drive itself. For example, if you're running Sync as a regular user, and not as an administrator, Sync won't be able to access other user profiles present on your machine (generally found under C:\Users)


You'd therefore be wise to exclude such sub-folders from being included in your Sync.


The other reason it would be wise to exclude the C:\Users folder from syncing is because the settings/database files for Sync itself and located within this tree. Syncing this folder may cause issues.


Finally, please remember that Sync is primarily a file/folder synchronization tool - rather than a backup tool. Attempting to sync your entire C:\ drive without any exclusions will mean that data will be constantly transferring the entire time your computer is in use (i.e. whenever the page file changes, etc).


You may be far better with dedicated backup software that can take daily/weekly backups of your C:\drive at fixed intervals, rather than "continuously" syncing every single change made on your C:\ drive - which is what Sync will do!

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Ah, good point. I guess we may just wind up going with syncing the active user's User/Person folder then.

We're trying to see if we can use bittorrent sync in a read-only backup functionality for 4 workstations, which will sync to a remote backup location. We'd be totally game with using something like BackBlaze, or looking for some remote backup location software, but because of the content of the data we would prefer to have physical copies of it on a system where we have some remote understanding of its backup procedure.


Thanks a bunch!

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