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Hello all!


Really impressed with BitTorrent Sync, it does exactly what I was after and I came across the software by chance, so very happy about it.  


Basically, I just want to automatically backup my Iphone photos as and when I take photos.  I have never wanted to use a cloud service as I would end up paying a ridiculous amount of money, and I rarely use my laptop to manually backup.  So BitTorrent Sync has ticked all the boxes and more!


However, I am after buying an external hardrive or some form of NAS (I have looked at the NAS supported post).


I am really interested in using the LaCie Cloudbox, I haven't bought it just yet.  
Has anyone tried using BitTorrent Sync on the Cloudbox?  If someone does have a Cloudbox, is there any chance you could have a quick test to see if it works?  I emailed LaCie, but as of yet I have had no reply.


All the best in the new year.  

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