Inefficient Upload To Multiple Nodes


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Hi there,


great tool with many interesting possiblities, maybe you can help me with one thing or verify the "problem"


Currently I am syncing directories to a offline site (disaster prevention) via FTP. For A file F the sync/upload takes me the time T with the Bandwidth W.


I plan on running a three node sync net with the nodes A, B and C. I created an empty folder (manual host entries (three sites), no tracker, no relay), configure it on all three nodes. When copying the file F into the folder on node A it starts syncing to B and C just fine. I see two syncs starting with W/2 to B and C.


I would expect the sync to take the time T plus a little overhead when compared to a pure FTP upload. However for the sync to finish takes 2*T !


Is this supposed to happen? Shouldn't B be able to take chunks from C and vice versa?


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