Suggestion: Allow Sync Hosts To Store Only Encrypted Data?

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Just started using BTSync and I'm pretty happy with it.  I'm using it to backup my family's photo albums, my machine configs, etc, across different countries, to secure against chances of robbery/fire/etc.  Pretty happy that this is working pretty smoothly.


That said, one thing that I'd love to request, is the ability to set a host as only being permitted the 'encrypted' copy of the data.  If my family were to sync things with passwords, or login information, I'd sleep easier knowing that it's not only encrypted during the transfer, but also in it's final resting place.


I realize a way around this would be to encrypt the copy on the senders side as well, but seeing as how you're already encrypting the data, it would be nice to have it be done through the application transparently.


Cheers - and great stuff!



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Ah, awesome!  Thanks for the search topics.


For anyone who finds this and wants more detail, see this post [1].


Notable from that thread is that in the case of disaster to all your non-encrypted nodes, you'll have no way to recover your encrypted nodes - so keep at minimum a RO secret somewhere safe!




[1] Post describing encrypted secrets: http://forum.bittorrent.com/topic/16836-support-for-untrusted-encrypted-node/?p=73839

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