Dell Venue 8 Pro Bittorrent Freezes (But Keeps Working)


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Hi there,


Has anybody installed sync in a dell venue 8 pro? I've just noticed that it keeps freezing all the time. Apparently it works, but any click on the interfaces takes like a minute to be effective while it shows that the app is not responding.


Since the atom is very capable, it cannot be a problem of cpu capacity. Has anybody experienced the same?


All the best,



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Hi gerard,


How many files / folders are set up to be synced on your dell tablet? Excessive number of files might bring this issue.

Also, I would appreciate if you can create a dump for BitTorrent Sync process when UI hangs and share it to me for analysis.


To create a dump on Win8 machine open a Task manager, right-click the process (or long-tap if this is tablet) and choose "Create dump file" in context menu. Task manager will let you know the location of freshly created dump file.

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Hi RomanZ,


Just 3 folders. I haven't have a "the program is not responding" issue this time, I just could not switch between tabs as I clicked them, I had to insist several times. When I have not been able to change for let's say 5-10 seconds I have created the dump file.


Then I've put it (90 Mb) to synchronise with Sync, and changing the tab has resulted in the "not responding" message, just for few seconds (but you can see the whole program semi-transparent). And after that, the usual behaviour, laggy when switching tabs.

*I guess that when I saw a constant freezing was when it was synchronising a lot of files


I do not have this problem in any of the other computers that I have at home / work, it only applied to the dell venue 8 pro.


Here it is the one-time secret to share the file dump file


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Hi Gerard,


Unfortunately dump does not reveal the reason. Everything looks functional, no any hangs, deadlocks or objects to be waiting. Let's try another approach.


Did it happen from the very beginning or after adding some folders / files? If after eddying - is it possible to try removing folders from btsync to see which one causing such issue?

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Hi RomanZ,


It is not completely responsive in terms of tabs switching, even when it is not synchronising, though it does not hang (you can always move the window even though you cannot change the tabs). Still, it seems that after some switches it gets "used to" and it is snappier.


When it syncs, then it can freeze. Now I am synchronising a new folder and I see some freezes, but CPU in task manager is never higher than 2%. With the Resource Monitor and the performance monitor I cannot see anything strange.


Which brings me to the point that I do not remember whether I have commented that I am synchronising in a SD card of class IV, i.e. a slow (and economical) one.


Could it be that everything is caused by a bottleneck in the writing process to the SD card?



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