Why Bt Sync Can't Sync All My Files?


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If you're syncing an ENTIRE drive, and not all the files are syncing, it's likely to be due to;

  1. Sync isn't able to access some files (because they're currently open/locked/in use in other applications)
  2. Sync isn't able to access some files (because they're protected system files/folders - for example System Volume Information)
  3. Some of the folders/files on the drive are being excluded by the rules in your .SyncIgnore file
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But there is no program running in drive E, these files are not open/locked/in use or in other applications,

And these files are not the protected system files/folders,

These files just only some documents,photo,backup files or setup files on drive E:\


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Well, even if DB can sync these files, it does in turn not mean that BTsync can and/or should. Also, please remember that BTsync is currently in beta stage, where these kind of bugs are expected, and with the correct supply of logs and problem descriptions, the developers are hopefully able to "squash" the bugs.

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