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Is there an option to change whether or no BT Sync will auto sync all files to a new device? If not i would like the option to turn on or off automatic sync, it's a cool feature for sending a specific size/amount of files to someone, but i would like the ability to see what's in a folder and choose what i'd like to pull rather than having the entire folder sync.


Thanks for BT Sync.

P.S. Im not sure if that feature was left out so as not to make it like a cloud service, but if it wasn't it would be nice to have. 
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The API offers such a "preview" of the files and folders in a share and enables selective downloads. The integration as seen in the mobile clients with a nice list view is not implemented on the other btsync versions. IMHO I am not even sure that it will be possible to create a neat implementation into Finder/Explorer or any other OS file manager. More realistic would be a preview window, akin to the mobile client.

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