Sync Stopped One-Way On Qnap Mac Combination


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I am synchronizing a catalogue on two Macs and one local Qnap TS469L(4.0.5) and one remote TS239 (4.0.3). I just found out that since mid december bittorrent sync from the Macs to the NASes had stopped. Both macs are synched between themselves and both NASes between themselves. Adding or removing a file to either NAS is synched to both Macs. Adding files to either Macs is synched only between the Macs. 

I have tied to stop and start bittorrent on the NASes and upgraded to 1.1.82-2 without result. All bittorrent clients are r/w. I can of course remove the catalogue on the NASes and set it up again, but it is not good that synching stops like this as it is my backup. It was a coincidence that I checked.

Has anybody seen the same and/or has anybody a fix or explanation?


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