Bittorrent Sync Versions Roadmap

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Like many people, I'm very interested in new functions of the Bittorrent Sync tool. Is there some kind of roadmap available which gives us insights in:


  • When the next version will be available?
  • What new and improved functions it will contain?
  • etc.

Keep up the good work; I'm totally moving all my friends/relatives from Dropbox into btsync. So far no problems!



By the way: the "numbered list"-function on the forum does not work. No numbers can be seen after posting... look at the screenshot:



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@Tony Shark

Publishing plans and roadmaps always sets some expectations for community - which might get broken by changes which product designers take during course of development. We don't want to set any false expectations for our users.


Once product becomes mature - we'll publish more information on incoming features and changes. 

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@devilankur18, as RomanZ has indicated "Once product becomes mature - we'll publish more information on incoming features and changes".


Sync is currently a "beta" product and in very active and fluid development, so don't expect firm (or indeed provisional) "roadmaps" any time soon!


For example, Sync 1.4 is coming "soon" - there is no exact ETA on when this will land, and its provisional feature set may evolve/change before it's released - which is why no specific details on upcoming new functionality/features have been publicly announced - as things may (and do!) change during the course of its development.

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