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Help! I Wish To Uninstall The Program!

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I wish to uninstall BitTorrent Sync.


The program is "hung up" and I can find no place and no option on my computer to close the BTSync window, shut it down and uninstall it.


I'm operating on a MacBook Air. I am not a computer expert so any directions in this regard need to be expressed in very simple and easy to follow terms.


One more thing -- I "ejected" the BTSync disk in Finder, even though there never was, technically, a disk. This made no difference.


Please help -- I just want this program off my computer!!!

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Hi man!

As i can see you can't uninstall an application from mac :)


Nobody can help you if you didn't provide steps for reproduction for btsync community and tech support or even describe your problem. Any program may not respond due to specific conditions in any operating system. Everything is logical and has solutions. Always.


Don't panic and describe your problem here step by step :)


I suppose that you:


1. Downloaded btsync.dmg;

2. Opened dmg file and moved app to Applications folder on your mac;

3. Opened btsync and..?


Please continue from step 3 and we will help you  :rolleyes:


btw: Sorry dude, but even google has a lot of answers:) - app uninstall - app is not responding


Good luck!

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