Btsync Constantly Uploading Even Though There Is Nothing To Sync

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I have btsync installed on my desktop, my laptop, my android phone, and my android tablet.  The sync involves only mobile photos taken by the phone and tablet.


My tablet has been off for days and I have taken no photos on the phone for at least a week, yet, according to my firewall (Comodo), btsync is constantly consuming about 50% of my bandwidth.


Why is it doing this if there is nothing to sync (everything has already been completely sync'd)?


Is my computer being used for some other peer-to-peer transfers (besides my own)?


The tray client reports 0Kb up; 0Kb down, but Comodo says there has been about 750Kb down and 4Mb up so far today.

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Bitsync is peer-to-peer, so if your folders are set to use relay servers and tracker servers then it'll need to communicate out.  750Kb down and 4Mb up isn't a lot of data so I'd expect its just some kind of handshake out to the trackers.

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Hi deh,


1. BTSync does not use your PC and bandwidth for some other peer-to-peer transfers. It uses your bandwidth to transfer data only for Sync'ed folders you configures.

2. BTSync generates some service traffic even when no updates are actually done (it has to contact tracker, contact other peers, etc.) Total of ~5Mbytes of data for both upload and download per day is definitely okay for service traffic.

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