Btsync Won't Throttle Internet Upload Speed (Linux)

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Hi, I'm syncing 3 linux servers (replacing rsync) which are in different locations on different networks. The Upload limit (kB/s) is not working and it is flooding our Internet connection.


The primary server is CentOS 6.4 and the others (leechers) are Ubuntu 12.04. This is a problem as it is causing other business processes to slow and also affecting our VoIP which uses this same connection.


With Upload (and Download) limit set as low as 10 kB/s in the browser app on the primary server, it is consistently sending 300kB/s to the leechers (which are also exchanging data with each other). I have stopped and restarted btsync and given it much time in case there is an averaging algorithm. At this point, I've had our outbound data pipe maxed out (3Mbps) at our company for hours and my colleagues are quite angry with me.


Is this a bug or am I doing something incorrectly? Is there a work-around?





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Hi Kyle,


When you say different networks is there any NAT between them? I've got one peer rate limited to 1KB/s during the day and a script which changes the rate limit at night - it works great.


The peers are on different networks, but there's no NAT because they are on a Private WAN and btsync considers them to be "local" peers - to make rate limiting work I had to add this to my btsync config file:


  "rate_limit_local_peers" : true




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Let me reverse this question, if I may. Does there exist a value for the "maximum upload rate" that will be honored by BitTorrent Sync? What is it? 


I ask because all internet services become unusable when the upload rate approaches the contracted rate for my DSL line. I'm trying to determine whether BitTorrent Sync is useful for me.

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Hi johan.mach,


Indeed, it might happen that mechanism determining if peers are in local network or not failed to detect it properly, in this case rate_limit_local_peers advanced setting will help.




There is a speed limitation in the "Preferences" tab. You can limit maximum upload speed for BTSync. I'm attaching a screenshot as a sample.



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