[Solved] Bitorrent Sync Doesn't, Er, Sync


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I cannot get Bitorrent Sync to work for some reason. I have two computers, one using Windows XP SP3 (32 bit edition) and the other using CrunchBang linux (debian based, 32 bit edition). I'm trying to sync a folder from the WIndows computer over to my linux computer. They can ping each other perfectly, it's only Bitorrent Sync that doesn't work. I pasted a few messages from the log at the bottom, and it is mostly filled with UPnP errors and such. Bitorrent Sync was working fine on another computer, a FreeBSD computer, so I'm hesitant to think it is a UPnP issue.



[20140118 20:22:09.972] UPnP: Device error "": (-2)
[20140118 20:22:18.927] NAT-PMP: Unable to map port with NAT-PMP.
[20140118 20:38:39.939] Changing IP address from to
[20140118 20:38:43.928] UPnP: Could not map UPnP Port on this pass, retrying.
[20140118 20:39:04.797] UPnP: Device error "": (-2)
[20140118 20:45:39.044] Failed file save: /home/alex/downloads/btsync_glibc23_i386/.sync//sync.dat.new
[20140118 20:45:40.700] UPnP: Device error "": (-2)
[20140118 20:45:40.709] UPnP: Device error "": (-2)
[20140118 20:50:15.926] Failed file save: /home/alex/downloads/btsync_glibc23_i386/.sync//settings.dat.new

Never mind, it's working now. I'm baffled by why it's working now :blink: . Closed.

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